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1xPartners Review: Earning with 1xBet in Uganda
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The 1xBet brand provides tons of services that bettors from Uganda can freely use to make their betting more pleasant and exciting. If you are one of those bettors who seek more benefits on the 1xBet website, then you may find them here in the article. 

The true alternative option to make money on 1xBet  is to become an affiliate. You will be promoting the brand’s services and special promotions for a commission in return. If you are ready to take a closer look at the trendiest and most innovative 1xBet affiliate marketing program in Uganda, continue reading the article.

Brief Facts About the 1xBet 

Brief Facts About the 1xBet 

The 1xBet brand has operated in Uganda for more than 5 years. It offers a vast selection of games, sports, and sporting events at local and international levels. Punters can enjoy selecting among over 10 types of sports, even more championships and competitions, tons of quality slots, and live dealer games.

The 1xBet brand belongs to the 1X Corp N.V. company. It has been on the market since 2007 and has vast experience in creating a convenient and innovative platform for pleasant betting. The brand operates in several European and African countries under the proven Curacao license.

The company is fully legit in Uganda and offers local punters the opportunity to become a part of its convenient affiliate program to boost its services further on the continent.

What is an Affiliate 1xPartners Program?

What is an Affiliate 1xPartners Program?

To explain more about the 1xPartners program, let’s start with the term itself. Becoming an affiliate means being a promoter of a particular brand via social media platforms and blogs on the Internet. Every affiliate program differs from the others since the competition in the market is huge.

To receive maximum profit, it is better to read the rules and requirements carefully. So, further in the text, we will pay special attention to the amount of fees an affiliate receives, explain how it works, and tell more about other aspects of the 1xPartners affiliate program.

Principles of 1xPartners Work

The 1xBet affiliate marketing program offers its users several models they can use to generate revenue for their work. Basically, you bring new users via the links you place in your publications and earn a commission for your work. If you are already an influencer on social networks, promoting 1xBet products won’t be a big deal for you. You only need to share your privately generated link with one of the ready-made publications, write an endorsement phrase, and be done with it.

How to Start

How to Start

Players in Uganda can easily join the program using the official 1xBet website. Open the ‘Affiliate’ section and observe the rules. If everything is fine with you, click on the registration button. It is worth saying that even if you are not a registered 1xBet user, you still can become an affiliate. We also recommend our readers explore the T&C part of the 1xPartners program before they proceed to the signup.


To join the 1xPartners programs, you must create an account. It is a fast process that basically requires your personal information. Such a quick start is very convenient. Next, you can proceed to the options offered by the bookie. Even if you are a loyal 1xBet bettor, you still need to pass a separate registration to become an affiliate.

Make a Publication

You can use the materials provided by the bookmaker to create your most noticeable publication. You can find all the mockups with the latest promos in your account and choose the one you like the most. The bookmaker allows its affiliates to post information about its products, services, and promos on your blog page, your websites, and social platforms, such as X, Facebook, and others.

Attract New Users

As we already mentioned, punters can use different types of materials to post their creatives. You need to place a link to the 1xBet platform and choose the most attractive promotion so newbies will get interested. 1xPartners offers a wide range of options, so you can be sure you will find what suits you best.

Get Your Rewards

Finally, you will receive your rewards at the time previously stated. The bookmaker offers over 10 available methods on how you can get your payouts. 

More Facts About 1xPartners Programs

Now, it is time to observe the 1xPartners Uganda in more detail. It is no secret that the 1xBet partners program is one of the best affiliate betting programs in Uganda. Here, you will get to know the commission rates offered to 1xBet affiliates, see what ready materials are available, and what else you can find on the website.

Commission Rates

The bookmaker promises a generous fee of up to 25%. However, it states particular rules on how you can receive it. An affiliate receives this commission for the first three-month period. Then it lowers to 15%, and then gradually grows depending on the number of attracted users. You can be paid out via reliable and familiar options.

Prepared 1xBet Promotional Materials

The set of mockups is very wide here, from ready-made frames and scripts to the set of available promotions for publications that can help to make your affiliate marketing more efficient. So, here is what you get when you join the 1xPartners program:

  • Colorful high-quality banners;
  • Unlimited referral links;
  • JSON feeds;
  • S2S integrations;
  • Promo codes.

Since you cannot post your own materials because a bookmaker provides stuff that contains brand fonts and logos, you can still negotiate some modifications to the pre-created materials with your manager. Once you receive permission to publish them, you can do so on any social platform.


One of the most interesting and useful options the 1xBet offers its affiliates is a blog. There, you can find more information on how you can make up a publication and successfully promote it on the social media platform. It also contains the latest news and tells users about the updates on the website.

Even if you are not yet a registered affiliate user, you can still check the blog on its official website and explore some marketing tricks and strategies to attract users.

Mobile Application

If you have no time to constantly check and use your PC, it is not a problem at all. The bookmaker has convenient applications suitable for different OS types. Even if you still cannot download the app, you are free to access 1xPartners via any mobile browser.

The app functionality is similar to the one you see on the 1xBet full browser version. Therefore, you can conveniently track your profits and monitor the number of attracted users whenever you like.

Benefits of the 1xPartners Program

Benefits of the 1xPartners Program

Since 1xPartners is one of the best available affiliate programs in Uganda, it has a sufficient list of benefits. Here, we can observe the most vital perks punters can receive:

  • Quick registration;
  • Fast payouts;
  • Quality and up-to-date marketing materials;
  • 3 revenue models;
  • Multiple safe and proven financial providers;
  • Clear statistics;
  • Informative blog;
  • Detailed data reports;
  • Convenient app;
  • Up to 25% commission;
  • 24/7 assistance from a personal manager.

Revenue Options

The program has available models from which revenue punters can choose. It is worth mentioning that you can hardly find so many options on any other bookmaker affiliate program. So, let’s see what you can choose from:

  1. Revenue share. It is one of the most spread types users can find. It allows them to receive their share of the profit received by the company from a referred customer.
  2. CPA. It is a model that allows you to earn a commission when a user makes certain actions, such as registration, deposit, and others.
  3. Hybrid. This model is a combination of both previously described options. The parameters here can be set upon a player’s request.

Depending on your preferences, you can choose any of the models to generate your income. However, we urge you to contact 1xPartners support to find out more information on the subject since the terms can be modified and adjusted by the company.

Rules and Requirements of the 1xPartners

Rules and Requirements of the 1xPartners

Every affiliate program has a set of rules and requirements a user must follow. Here, we will show you the most significant of them so you can take a quick look and understand if you are capable of meeting them:

  • The qualifying age starts from 18 years old.
  • Affiliates must use only materials provided by the bookmaker.
  • Potential affiliates must register a new account in the program.

These are the conditions on which you can join the 1xPartners. The bookmaker also reminds its affiliates that they can share some of the company’s private information, but they cannot pass forward and publish it on any third-party websites. If you have no problems complying with these requirements, it is very likely you can earn more benefits while using this affiliate program.

What to Pay Attention to When Choosing an Affiliate Program

1xPartners is one of the best referral programs you can find in Uganda and generally worldwide. So, we can indicate the main features that can help you establish that this affiliate program is worth your attention. In the list, you can observe some criteria and explanations:

  1. Cookie duration. When a user clicks on the link but does not take any other actions that bring you profit, it is a disappointment. Therefore, if your cookies have a longer life, the next time when this user visits and takes the necessary action, the commission is yours.
  2. Commission size. The amount of revenue you can receive by attracting customers is the profit every affiliate aims for. So, the bigger it is, the more you can withdraw or use it for further wagering.
  3. Personal privileges. Bookmakers usually offer extra bonuses and other privileges, such as cashback, to their most active affiliates. You can check the bonus list before you decide to join the program.
  4. Range of materials. The last on our list, but not because it is less significant, is the quality of the ready-made materials you get for your promo publications. However, with 1xPartners, users do not even have such a question. All the banners and layouts look very trendy and innovative, so they can catch users’ attention fast.

The 1xBet bookmaker is one of the most famous on the global scale. Therefore, players can easily advertise their new promotions and attract new customers without any special efforts.

Tips on Successful Marketing Strategy

Tips on Successful Marketing Strategy

Every experienced affiliate uses these popular tips to increase their revenues. So, to help you learn all the tricks, we have place some of them for free below:

  1. Choose the most promising strategy. It is always a good idea to try different tactics from time to time. It allows users to place a new and engaging publication instead of using more classic and conventional ways.
  2. Describe your personal experience. It is a brave and attractive move when you describe any of the success stories. Users tend to believe such personal experiences more than any other words.
  3. Use different social platforms. It is better to use different websites to publish your posts. It can increase the number of interested users.

These excellent options can change your direction and allow you to find more new punters. If you follow any of the tips offered, you can see how your reports will look better with more users clicking on your links.


Summing up all the ideas, we can assure you that compared to others, 1xPartners is the most beneficial affiliate program in Uganda. It can be confirmed via the many benefits we mention in the article and the amount of fee you receive as your reward. The terms seem simple and offer users from Uganda a choice between the revenue models and publication materials. Other bookmakers seem to offer more narrow options.


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