Unsightly disused Darlaston land could be transformed into apartments

Striking images show how overgrown vacant land in Darlaston could be transformed into new apartments. Walsall Council planners are currently considering proposals by MIA Property Consultants who want to create a block of 11 flats – six two bedroom and five one bedroom – on Dorsett Road Terrace.

The site used to be home to Roapp Hall Community Resource Centre which was closed and targeted by vandals and arsonists before being demolished more than a decade ago. An original plan was submitted back in 2015 and prompted some concerns from neighbouring residents about potential loss of privacy and daylight caused by the building they argued wasn’t in keeping with the rest of the area.

But the applicants said they have received confirmation from authority planners the design is acceptable and would complement the area. Agents Mike Cooper Associates said: “The site was a local community centre which was vandalised and succumbed to arson. The site has been derelict for some years since and is currently overgrown.

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“The surrounding area is largely housing and comprised of a high number of semi-detached properties and terraced housing. There are some small commercial properties in the vicinity. The appearance of the site is currently poor to the front and given its prominent junction position, it fails to contribute positively to the local environment.

“The council has accepted in the principle of residential development and use on the site. It has also accepted the loss of a former community facility that has not be in use for a long period is not an issue. Also that the developments general design and layout of the scheme will contribute to improving the location.

Artist impression of proposed flats for Dorsett Road Terrace in Darlaston.
Artist impression of proposed flats for Dorsett Road Terrace in Darlaston.

“The site is located within a built up area of mixed use but largely residential, where there is no issue raised to the principle of a scheme which creates a new residential units on the site. Such a development would reflect the prevailing pattern of development and land use in the surrounding area.

“As a result of the proposed new residential development and is positive for the local community in which the site lies. The proposed residential accommodation would make efficient use of the site and create a mix of 11 units which would meet local housing demand.

“Each of the units would have internal space which either meets or exceeds the requirements of the National Standards, and with a high quality setting would provide a satisfactory living environment for future occupiers. The site layout has been designed to ensure that the amenities and privacy of neighbouring properties are not harmed as a result of the development.

Artist impression of proposed flats for Dorsett Road Terrace in Darlaston.
Artist impression of proposed flats for Dorsett Road Terrace in Darlaston.

“There would be no overlooking of adjoining buildings/land due to the considerate positioning of windows with opaque glazing proposed where necessary. The two storey element of the development is still modest in height and would not appear overpowering to neighbouring properties.

“Within the site, each of the flats would have satisfactory privacy and amenity, with the flats benefiting from a pleasant car park setting and private/communal amenity areas. There would be sufficient parking provision on the site to serve the development, with design at designated refuse and cycle parking.

“The development would utilise the vehicular access to Dorsett Terrace Road, with sufficient space within the site for vehicles to enter and exit in forward gear in the interests of highway and public safety.”

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