Timeline of violence – Thug stabbed and kidnapped ex-girlfriend before crime rampage across city

This is the horrifying timeline of crime of an abusive and controlling thug who launched a terrifying rampage across Birmingham. Twisted Lee Martin began the shocking spree as he stabbed his ex-partner.

After following her to a cemetery, the 42-year-old hid in the boot of her car before jumping out and attacking her with a knife. He continued to abuse, repeatedly punch and drag her before kidnapping her in a horrifying 24 hour ordeal.

The criminal, of Trinity Road in Aston, went onto target lone female drivers for their cars across the city in the days that followed. During the series of crimes, he preyed upon a pregnant woman for her BMW, pushed a couple to the floor in their own home and slashed a male driver.

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A major police hunt was launched to find “armed and dangerous” Martin before he was eventually arrested on September 14. The timeline below details how the sickening crimes unfolded from September 5 – 14.

Time Line

Timeline of thug’s crime rampage across city

  1. Sunday, September 5 – Abusive Martin stabs ex at cemetery

    Lee Martin

    During a relationship Martin had become controlling, possessive and eventually threatening. His calls to his ex partner were blocked in the early hours of September 5.

    Refusing to accept rejection, her twisted ex drove to Robin Hood Cemetery in Shirley – knowing she would be there to remember the anniversary of her sister’s death.

    He then hid in the boot of her car and waited for her to come back before jumping out. Martin stabbed her in the leg with a kitchen knife, causing a deep wound which “bled profusely”.

    He proceeded to abuse her, repeatedly punch her, drag her back to her own vehicle and drive away with her, still threatening her and intermittently punching her.

  2. Monday, September 6 – Victim kept against her will in 24 hour ordeal

    His ex-partner was kept against her will for 24 hours all while he kept possession of the knife and made repeated threats to kill, or assault, her.

    Heartless Martin refused to take her to hospital despite her repeated requests. Eventually she was allowed to leave, but had to make her own way back to her mother’s house, covered in blood and wearing pyjamas.

  3. Later on Monday – Martin crashes into police car and escapes

    Lee Martin

    Martin was seen driving his ex-partner’s Volkswagen in Northfield. Police had traced him down but, after colliding with the police car and part of the driveway, he managed to escape.

  4. Wednesday, September 8 – Martin targets pregnant BMW driver

    Having evaded police in the dangerous driving episode he went on to commit the 14 offences.

    Martin committed a theft of a BMW 3 Series. The female victim, who was seven months pregnant at the time, was struggling to park on Vicarage Road in Kings Heath.

    He offered to help and then ‘insisted’ when she refused, leaving the woman feeling ‘pressured’ to let him get behind the wheel. But when he did he reversed and drove off.

  5. Friday, September 10 – Woman attacked in ASDA car park

    Martin then targeted another female driver in the car park of ASDA in Barnes Hill. He first asked for money for toast before bending down and saying to the victim “I’m known to Crimewatch UK and wanted by the police”.

    The victim blasted the horn to alert others when Martin threatened to stab her. Martin had a nine inch knife protruding from his sleeve and repeated the threats.

    He then grabbed the victim out of her car by her hair and shoved her to the floor before getting in the car and driving off. The victim sustained two cuts to the stomach caused by the knife. She also suffered severe anxiety since the incident.

  6. Later on Friday, September 10 – Couple pushed to the floor in own home

    He later went onto commit an assault and criminal damage. Martin went into a person’s home uninvited and ‘started begging to be allowed to stay’.

    He states the male resident refused and tried to remove him as his ‘wife was woken by the commotion’.

    Martin started rummaging through the cupboards before a struggle ensued at the front door. He pushed the couple to the floor, before running upstairs and pulling a banister off.

  7. Saturday, September 11 – Martin threatens to stab mum as rampage continues

    Continuing the rampage, Martin then robbed a woman of her Vauxhall Corsa as she dropped her daughter off at Birmingham University.

    He approached her, asking her to take him somewhere as she stopped on Lionel Street. Martin then told her to ‘get out’. She bravely refused and he produced a knife. She still refused to take him anywhere.

    Martin told her he would drive. She got into the passenger seat enabling him to sit in the driver seat. She offered him money for a taxi. He went into her bag taking cash. He said he couldn’t drive with her as his passenger because it constituted kidnap.

    She refused to get out with him then threatening to stab her. As she got out of the car he drove off.

  8. Later on Saturday, September 11 – Martin climbs onto roof brandishing knife

    CCTV then showed Martin climbing onto a roof holding a knife in Woodfield Crescent. This was count 8 on the indictment read to court.

  9. Monday, September 13 – Pickup truck stolen before being rammed into Mercedes

    Martin stole a pickup truck, loaded with two vehicles, from a car breakers business two days later.

    The owner last saw the vehicle around 11am with the keys in the sun visor because it was effectively blocked in.

    At 3.50pm he heard a ‘loud bang’ as the truck rammed another vehicle to get out. It was later involved in collision, ramming a Mercedes and crashing into other vehicles.

  10. September 13 – Screaming woman smashed over head with beer bottle

    The victim parked at Shepherds Gardens when Martin approached and tried to drag her from the car.

    She started screaming prompting Martin to cover her mouth with his hand. He adds that he then pulled out a beer bottle and struck her over the head two to three times causing blood to pour out from the injuries.

    There were a number of her belongings in the vehicle. The victim, a teacher, was particularly upset by the loss of her school laptop while the incident caused her to lose confidence.

  11. September 13 – Public manhunt launched

    CCTV footage released of Lee Martin as police declared him wanted

    West Midlands Police launched a social media appeal to find the “armed and dangerous” Martin, then aged 41. As well as the kidnap and stabbing on September 5, he was wanted for questioning over a string of other crimes across the region.

    Police urged caution, telling the public to stay vigilant but to not to approach Martin.

  12. Tuesday, September 14 – Woman punched ‘forcefully’ in face

    Martin was riding a bicycle on Winchester Road when he approached another female driver. He reached in and tried to grab the keys to the Kia before opening the door and grabbing the woman’s arm.

    Having failed to pull her from the car because of her seatbelt he then pushed her onto the passenger seat, got on top of her and punched her forcefully to the face.

    The victim was ‘screaming for help’ as further punches reigned down. Martin put his hands around her neck and gripped her so tightly his nails were digging into it.

    Neighbours came to her aid and Martin threw the keys to the ground and left on the bicycle. He had a knife on him at the time, though didn’t brandish it.

  13. Later on September 14 – Martin slashes driver with five-inch knife

    A male victim parked his Peugeot van on Thornbury Road and left it unattended to move traffic cones when Martin got behind the wheel.

    The victim took the keys and then tried to pull Martin out during a struggle. He then saw a knife with a five inch blade before Martin slashed his hand.

    The victim managed to drag the attacker out of the van and he left on foot.

  14. Later on September 14 – Martin finally arrested

    Lee Martin being apprehended

    He was ultimately arrested in Ladywood on September 14 last year.

He was later charged and was sentenced for his string of horrifying crimes at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday, April 29. Judge Paul Farrer QC said Martin’s criminal record, stained with 169 previous offences, shows an ‘entrenched pattern of violence’.

A psychiatric report concluded Martin has a personality disorder but Judge Farrer ruled that did not lower his culpability because the offences were planned. He reiterated that Martin is a ‘dangerous’ offender as defined by law, meaning he poses a significant risk of harm.

Martin was sentenced to 18 years in prison with an extended licence period of five years at Birmingham Crown Court on Friday, April 29. A parole board will be able to review his case after 12 years. He was also disqualified from driving for 12 years.

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