High levels of COVID-19 virus in hospitalized patients’ blood predicts clinical worsening days later, Stanford-led study shows | News Center

A one-time test could predict which people hospitalized with COVID-19 are likely to worsen significantly during their stay, even if they were admitted with relatively mild symptoms, according to a study of more than 2,500 people headed by researchers at Stanford Medicine. The test measures patient blood levels of a protein on the virus that … Read more

Canada ending all COVID-19 restrictions at border as of Oct. 1

Canada is lifting its testing, quarantine and vaccination requirements at the border, a step in rolling back pandemic restrictions designed to stave off the spread of COVID-19, the government announced Monday. Starting Saturday, international travelers will be able to enter Canada without providing proof of vaccination, taking a pre-arrival test or undergoing quarantine, according to … Read more

Coronavirus: ‘Blood on your hands’ if world stops tackling Covid, WHO warns – South China Morning Post

Coronavirus: ‘Blood on your hands’ if world stops tackling Covid, WHO warns  South China Morning Post António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) on the High-level event on ending the COVID-19 pandemic  United Nations The UN says the COVID-19 pandemic can end if regulations are followed  SABC News The end of a long race? | Opinion  Chemistry World A report highlights 11 … Read more

Why The New Covid-19 Booster Vaccines Are Safe

People wait in line at a walk-up vaccination site in Washington, DC, on November 29, 2021. – … [+] President Joe Biden on Monday told Americans not to “panic” over the newly identified Covid variant Omicron and said he does not foresee new lockdowns or extending travel restrictions for now. (Photo by Jim WATSON/AFP) (Photo … Read more

Navratri 2022: How decking up for festivities can boost your mental health | Health

Navratri 2022: Navratri is finally here and the nine-day festival is celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm in different parts of the country. With coronavirus cases at their lowest since many months, people can finally participate Navratri festivities without worrying much about contracting the virus. Festivals have their own role in improving mental health. This … Read more

Vitamin D, zinc supplementation to be assessed among COVID-19 patients in India

Past research featuring observational and experimental evidence has linked vitamin D to a variety of communicable and non-communicable diseases, whereas zinc contributes to an immune modulatory and antiviral effect. As a result, a team of researchers from India, the US and Canada have devised an RCT to test their hypothesis that the two nutrients could … Read more

Study of 9 million Swedes shows rapidly declining effectiveness of COVID vaccines against Omicron

The findings of a new Swedish study posted to the Preprints with The Lancet* server found that two COVID-19 vaccine doses provided effective long-term protection against infection before Omicron, but less protection against Omicron infection (dropping to 43% by week four and no protection by week 14). Furthermore, two COVID-19 vaccine doses provided substantial long-term … Read more