Showers and ‘risk of thunder’ in Birmingham as forecasters predict Queen’s Platinum Jubilee heatwave

Birmingham could see storms before the calm as showers and a risk of thunder are expected. But forecasters predict a scorcher during the jubilee weekend.

Today (May 23) the city will see highs of 16C and lows of 9C. The Met Office said it will be cloudy and this will change to heavy rain by early evening.

The forecast for the West Midlands read: “Mostly dry at first with some sunshine in places. Scattered showers will develop late morning onwards, these becoming more frequent in the afternoon and giving some heavy downpours in places, with a risk of thunder, especially further west.”

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Tonight, those in the Midlands will experience “heavy at times” showers continuing through the evening. Tuesday will see yet another day of rain.

The forecast for the West Midlands on Tuesday added: “Another day of showers, but probably with a bit more sunshine on offer in between compared to Monday. Becoming mostly dry by the end of the day. Maximum temperature 18C.”

And the Wednesday to Friday outlook went on: “Windy on Wednesday with early rain clearing to sunshine and showers. Cloudy on Thursday with some patchy rain for a time. Dry and bright on Friday with lighter winds.”

But, looking further ahead, it isn’t all bad news. The nation is set for four whole days off as massive parties are planned for The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee weekend. There will be two bank holidays, on Thursday, June 2 and Friday, June 3, for the celebration – creating a four-day weekend.

And according to the Daily Star, the UK will experience its hottest day of the year so far. The newspaper reported that June will kick off with an absolute scorcher as temperatures are set to rise as high as 28C in London on the first of the month.

And while the capital is experiencing record-breaking temperatures, the rest of the nation will also bask in the hot weather, with temperatures ranging from 22C to 26C. Tony Zartman, senior Meteorologist from AccuWeather, predicted “long stretches of sunshine” from the end of this month and heading into the start of June.

UK weather forecast

Tonight (Monday night)

Through the night Wales, eastern Scotland, and northern and central England will be overcast with showers merging into longer spells of more persistent rain. Northern Ireland and western Scotland will see clear spells. Southern England will see clear spells and showers. A moderate westerly breeze

Tomorrow (Tuesday)

Tomorrow morning northern England and south-eastern Scotland will see spells of heavy rain. Other areas will see sunny spells with the risk of a shower. By the afternoon the rain will clear northern England and south-eastern Scotland. Sunshine and showers through the afternoon. Fresh westerly winds

UK Outlook (Wednesday and Thursday)

Spells of rain will clear eastern areas through the morning on Wednesday. Western areas will see sunshine and showers through the morning. In the afternoon, there will be sunny spells and showers. Thursday will be cloudy in northern areas with the risk of some rain. Other areas will see sunny spells.

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