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Pet insurance is a practical tool for covering your animal in case of an emergency. It’s also a valid way to reduce common stress of pet ownership. Of course you want to take care of your pooch or kitty in case they need to go to the vet or get some medicine, but you also want to protect yourself from having to pay the full fees for all of those essential needs. Because if you do not cover yourself at all, you can make your pet a much bigger financial burden than they need to be.

When rainy and snowy days keep you inside, your pet might be the one to force you outside to get some fresh air. When you’re back inside, they provide unmatched company. On top of these simple examples, pet ownership is tied to improved mental health for owners in a ton of ways. From reducing stress and anxiety to helping people with more serious conditions like PTSD, the examples are plentiful. To protect your pet and yourself, and leave space for these mental health pet ownership benefits, consider a plan with Lemonade Pet Insurance.

An affordable policy, Lemonade assists pet owners with their most essential costs for as low as $ 10 a month. From accident & illness coverage, to preventative care options like vaccines, checkups, and more – pet owners covered by Lemonade can expect help for the costs they find most necessary. On top of providing security, this insurance company attracts users with its simple interface and timely service.

On top of fantastic customer service, Lemonade takes the money that comes in for a lot of good. Instead of pocketing all of the profits from your monthly premiums, which will be as competitive as one can find in the marketplace, Lemonade donates some of them to a social or environmental cause of your choice. So, on top of preserving the mental health benefits your pet brings you, and covering their future medical needs, you can also make a positive social impact with a Lemonade policy.

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