Rishi Sunak tells the rich to give £400 energy grant to charity

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, said that if wealthy households do not need the Government’s £400 energy bill grant they should donate it to charity – and that is what he will be doing. 

Mr Sunak was asked by Sky News presenter Niall Paterson why he will be receiving the money when he doesn’t actually need it. 

The Chancellor said: “Because, when you are trying to help people on that scale when you need to get help to tens of millions of people, actually you have got a choice, how best can you deliver that and the reality is when you are talking about that number of people there really aren’t many ways to do it and we wanted to make sure that this was as universal as possible. 

“We had another alternative of doing that which was a council tax rebate which is where you can try and exclude people right at the top in very large houses. 

“But you know what, we tried that, and we tried to do it with a discretionary fund and it has worked reasonably well but there are lots of cases of people who will say ‘hang on, I happen to live in this expensive looking house or in a high council tax band house but I need help too’. 

“So actually this being universal means that we avoid all of those problems and really do get help to everyone who needs it and you, like me, I am sure like me, you can also give that money to charity if you don’t need it.” 

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