Rewind to 1998 with 20 lovely photos of Birmingham and beyond

Around 6,000 DVDs are sold in the UK after a June launch of the home video format, the Ford Focus arrives and takes over British streets, and the Millennium Dome begins construction. Hello again, 1998.

We’re going back to the past to a peculiar year, one where all eyes were on Birmingham. When we say all, we really mean it, as huge events passed through our city.

The world’s top politicians descended into the city for the G8 conference to decide the direction of the planet – all from suites at the International Convention Centre. All of Europe tuned in for Eurovision 1998, the last time the competition was hosted in the UK.

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We were definitely on the big stage. But we’ve covered all of that recently, so let’s get local.

We’ve had a rummage around in our archives from this big year. Take a look at 20 photos of the city as it stood in 1998 below.

There was plenty of last minute shopping in the run up to Christmas, with people hitting everywhere from Rackhams to Toys R Us. It was back out into the drizzle for the January sales not long after – no next-day deliveries on your bargains in those days!

Thousands of Brummie schoolkids packed out the NIA for a world record attempt at the “biggest orchestra”. That title currently sits in Venezuela, of all places – do you remember being a part of the biggest band in 1998?

Motorbikes briefly swarmed Birmingham streets on their way to a show at the NEC. As ever, crowds heralded the end of the year with a massive concert in Centenary Square.

See all of this and more in the gallery above. And let us know your favourite memories from a big year for the city!

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