Range Rover driver shots at teen moped rider fearing for his life

A TEENAGER driving a moped feared for his life after almost being knocked off of his vehicle by another car.

Liam McNichol, 16, was driving on Malvern Road approaching Powick roundabout when a car behind began beeping and its driver hurled abuse.

Mr McNichol’s mum, Shellie Cowell, was mortified when she heard what happened and asks people to be more understanding of learner drivers.

She said: “He was riding home on a moped and because he’s 16 it’s only a 50cc .

“He said that it was a man in his late 30s in an older-looking Range Rover beeping at him and shouting loads of abuse. 

Worcester News: Liam McNichol, 16, feared for his life in road rage incident on Malvern RoadLiam McNichol, 16, feared for his life in road rage incident on Malvern Road

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“He got to the island and the bloke was still hurling abuse and trying to knock Liam off of his bike, swerving in the road to try and knock him and shouting ‘I’m going to kill you’.

“The man got to the side of him and swung his arm out of the window, trying to punch him.

“He caught Liam’s wing mirror instead and Liam didn’t fall off but he wobbled. 

“Liam said that he moved to get away but it was single-line traffic and there was nothing he could do. 

“The man drove further up the road, pulled over, got out of his car and tried to boot Liam off of his bike.”

The road rage incident happened at around 7.30pm on Monday, September 19 and they believe it was because the man did not think the teen was driving fast enough.

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Mrs Cowell and her son contacted the petrol station on Malvern Road to see if they had any CCTV footage of the incident.

However, the station’s cameras were not at the correct angle to see what happened.

Mrs Cowell added: “I just want the man to be found.

“He could have killed my son. He’s only a learner and we all remember being learners, they are going to be a little bit slower and people know that.

“By the time he got home I was already asleep but the next day he told me ‘I could have died last night, mum’ and I was just mortified because he’s my baby. 

“He said he was petrified and that the man was relentless.”

The family are reporting the incident to police.

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