Prioritize job seekers’ mental health

Searching for a job is no easy task – building a resume, assessing your skills, drafting cover letters and preparing for interviews is time-consuming, stressful and even disheartening at times. The stressors of job searching can take a negative toll on a person’s mental health, but good mental health is a key influence for success in the job search (The Health Foundation). This Mental Health Awareness Month, it’s important we bring awareness to the stress created by job searching, as well as how prospective employers can help lessen that weight for candidates.


In a previous article, I wrote about how business leaders can prioritize and positively contribute to the mental health of their employees. Offering incentives, outsourcing mental health resources, and checking in with people are all great internal ways to boost mental health. There is additional value, however, in investing in the mental health of your prospective employees as well. This can be done by evaluating your company’s hiring process and ensuring it is as smooth as possible for candidates.

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