Mitski, the London Roundhouse gig

After the release of the 80’s inspired synth-pop ‘Laural Hell’ album in Febuary 2022,  fans of the alternative artist Mitski were eager for her return as she set on tour through North America and the EU- tocuhing down in the UK April 21st. 

Come the 28th of April, the singer-songwriter took her performace to the stage of the Roundhouse, London- and did not cease to impress fans that filled the venue. 

As the five-peice band played the synths of her multi-genre album, from dream-pop to 80’s inspired indie-rock, the 31-year-old artist performed along with heavilty styalised choreography reflecting the underline messages within her lyrics, as well as her own feelings towards the songs. A notable example, dancing like a mechanic-ballet from a music box during her performance of Happy, as white side lights that contrasted with the main lighting of a violety-purple, flicked to create an surreal hollogramic sensation. Or when in Drunk Walk Home, kicking and punching as though in a tantrum as the red and white lights flashed in-time to the heavy beat of the song. 

When interviewing a member of the audience, Tia Melville sated  “It was one of the greatest experiences of my life, from the songs, the lighting and just the overal feeling in the venue.”

A the gig closed to an end, Mitski returned to the stage for a tender and slow performance of Two Slow dancers, setting as a reminder that its good to return to the basics sometimes, singing directly to the audience full of slow-waving flashlights. 

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