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Politicians appear recently to have struggled most not with questions on rising living costs, the fallout of Brexit and the war in Ukraine but on the one question: “What is a woman”. The latest to be tasked to respond is Mr Khan.

The Mayor waded into an American debate on abortion in a post on Twitter today, on May 3, noting: “London stands with women across the United States today.”

GB News host Darren Grimes was quick to pull Mr Khan up on his wording and to ask what exactly he meant.

He wrote: “Sadiq, define ‘woman’.”

He was not the only political figure to pose the question.

Comedian and TRIGGERnometry podcast co-host Konstantin Kisin asked: “What’s a woman?”

Reclaim Party Deputy Leader Martin Daubney also wrote: “You ‘stand with women?’

“So why can’t your Party leader even define what a woman is?

“Can you? Dare you even try?”

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Baroness Hoey wrote: “I am sorry to say the Mayor of London is way out of his responsibility zone here.

“I suggest he sorts out the knife crime and the terrible congestion due to his ridiculous anti car and van prejudice.”

Sumantra Maitra wrote: “Focus on your own town, failed policing and knife crimes, mate.”

Mr Grimes also added: “If I were you, I’d spend a little more time focusing on the mess you’ve got London into and a little less pontificating on American politics.”

Mr Khan has not yet responded to the GB News host’s challenge. has approached his office for comment.

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