Kids in novel have adventures in 1950s small-town Alabama

Don Noble

“The Treasure of Moonlight Ridge,” the third in the Moonlight Ridge series, is set in December, in the days before Christmas.

The first, “Sweet Music on Moonlight Ridge,” was set in summer. The second, “The Witches,” is set in autumn.

The fourth, I presume, will be in the spring.

The action all takes place in the 1950s in and around fictional Eden, Alabama, which author Ramey Channell tells us is based on Leeds, and on Moonlight Ridge, the mountain just east of Eden.

(In this novel, being “east of Eden” is not a bad thing. Bible readers may recall that in Genesis, Cain, after killing his brother Abel, is forced to move out to the Land of Nod, east of Eden. John Steinbeck used the title for his novel as a signal of the terrible, dangerous rivalry between the Trask brothers, a parallel to Cain and Abel.)

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