How To Showcase Your Flowers In Your Home

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Flowers are such a wonderful gift to give. They are appropriate for so many occasions. You can give the gift of flowers for birthdays, in sympathy or as a just because present, no matter what time of the year or situation. However, while getting a bunch of flowers is always going to put a smile on your face, how do you showcase your flowers in your home?

Often where you will put them for the duration of life of the flowers is actually an afterthought. Leaving you to search high and low for an appropriate vase or location so that everyone can see just how beautiful they are. You also want a spot in your home where you can see them. As this is something to think about,

I wanted to share with you some of the ways to showcase your flowers in your home, and how thinking about gifting a vase at the same time can add to the effect.

The gift of a vase

Often a bunch of flowers is the chosen gift to show someone that you are thinking about them, but you are also making the assumption that they have an appropriate vase to place them in. So take the worry out of that and consider the gift of a vase as well. A ceramic vase is a lovely option to consider. Plus when the flowers have passed their best, they can add a new bunch, artificial flowers, or even homemade options so that they can be enjoyed all year round. Plus, knowing they have a vase means that flowers can be a great gift option again in the future.

What A Host - How To Showcase Your Flowers In Your Home

What about a centrepiece?

Another lovely option is to consider gifting a centrepiece instead? Not only do you have the vase that forms part of the gift, but you also have styling options to make the most of the overall look and display. Centrepieces are a great alternative to just getting a bunch of flowers, and they can be the gift that keeps on giving. A centrepiece can be displayed in different parts of the home, from a welcoming view in a hallway to proudly being shown off on the dining table.

Where to showcase your flowers

Where to showcase your flowers can also pose a dilemma. You want them to be seen, but you also want a prime spot so that they can last as long as possible. Often placing them somewhere with direct sunlight can hinder their chances of survival rather than helping them to thrive. A table is often a great choice, be that a coffee table in the living room or a dining table.

What A Host - How To Showcase Your Flowers In Your Home

Looking after them

Make sure that your flowers or centrepieces are watered regularly. A full vase of water can only last a few days, and the lack of water will cause your flowers to wilt away. Do not overcrowd a small vase. If you have a big bunch of flowers, consider spreading them across a few vases. It will keep the flowers looking great and you get to enjoy them in different parts of your home.

Things you can do after

Getting flowers is a lovely thing to receive, but fresh flowers often last around a week, so what next? You could dry out some of the flowers before they start to wilt. Once dried you could display them in a vase with artificial flowers, or you could consider framing them. This helps you to prolong their lives and also be reminded of the occasion for the days and weeks ahead.

What A Host - How To Showcase Your Flowers In Your Home

Hopefully, these suggestions will help you when it comes to showcasing flowers in your home.

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