Fish Cure Walkthrough (Long Distance Medicine)

Nobody Saves the World players can learn how to achieve the fish cure and complete the long-distance medical task in this guide.

no one saves the world fishing cure

After joining the New League of Wizards in No one saves the world, players will have access to several new quests. One of these quests is called “Long Distance Medicine”, and it instructs fans to pick up a cure for Fish Mage from Octavia’s assistant. Obtaining the fishing cure No one saves the world however, can prove to be a bit difficult and this guide is here to help players who may be stuck on this task.

Nobody Saves the World: Long Distance Medicine Review

The first step towards completing this task is to navigate to Octavia’s laboratory, which is located in the Meadow Trail. Players can reach this location by taking the path leading north out of the Royal Territories, which is near the center of the map, and heading towards the nearby mission marker. After entering Octavia’s lab, fans of dungeon crawlers should talk to her assistant, who is wearing a hat and standing on the right side of the room, to move on to the next part of the quest.


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This is where things can start to get a little tricky in the field of long-distance medicine, like No one saves the world players must now select the dialog options that are customized to what Fish Mage indicated when the mission was issued. For those fans who may be unsure of exactly how to answer Octavia’s assistant questions, here are the exact dialogue options to choose from:

  1. Fishing curse cure?
  2. I can describe his symptoms.
  3. Smooth, like a bar of soap.
  4. To be caught in a fishing net.
  5. Fishmeal pellets.
  6. The sea, schooling with other fish.

Once the last of these dialogue options is selected, Octavia’s assistant will create the fishing cure that players must take back to the New League of Wizards. For full clarity, the company is located in Damptonia in the southeast corner of No one saves the worlds map, and interaction with Fish Mage will cause the Long Distance Medicine mission to be marked as completed. Fans can then redeem the mission and claim their rewards, which are one star and 50 XP.

no one saves the world fishing cure

Players completing this task will also be one step closer to achieving Platinum Acolyte status, a title that is rewarded after assisting three members of the New League of Wizards. Fortunately, the other members’ quests are all pretty straightforward and center primarily around collecting food from slain evil. Outlier is a quest that requires a bit of racing, though fans who have unlocked Horse Form in No one saves the world should have no trouble implementing it.

No one saves the world is out now for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S.

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