Critical Health Issues (DV): Seats open for May Session | Intercom

Critical Health Issues, HLTH 20500-01: Online. Asynchronous. Two weeks, May 16-27

There are other health issues besides Covid.

Over the span of this 2 week course, learn about how the US health system is the most expensive in the world yet has among the worst outcomes of any rich country.

Why is that?

Topics include:

-Comparing the US to other countries

– Discussing health inequalities

– Addressing why the US was so unprepared for a pandemic

– Do you have health insurance? What if you did not?

– Why is the US life expectancy so much lower than other rich countries?

– Discuss mental health issues, stigma, and access to treatment

– The myth of ‘lifestyle’ and how not everyone has the equal ability to change their health.

For more information, contact Stewart Auyash,

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