California’s Most Famous House Was a Battle With Owner’s Shopping Addiction

Panoramic Images/Alamy Stock Photo One trial for Julia Morgan involved having to contend with William Randolph Hearst’s rapidly accumulating purchases, as Julia’s longtime employee Walter Steilberg explained: “Miss Morgan had to deal not only with the visible client across the table from her, but also these other clients who were peddling antiques to Mr. Hearst … Read more

Louis van Gaal: Former Manchester United coach reveals he has prostate cancer | World News

Former Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has announced he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. The 70-year-old, who is currently the head coach of the Dutch national team, made the admission on a TV show in the Netherlands called Humberto on Sunday while promoting a new documentary about his life. Van Gaal said he … Read more

Germany-style energy rationing ‘will not happen in UK’ despite Labour calls

Labour has appeared to call for a German-style energy rationing plan to avoid shortages if Russia cuts off gas supplies to Europe. Jonathan Reynolds, the shadow business secretary, suggested he supported a scheme like that announced by German ministers last week, which could mean households and hospitals are prioritised over heavy industry. “We should be … Read more

‘Embarrassed’ contestant storms off set during ‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week

Scarlet hits her breaking point during ‘American Idol’ Season 20’s Hollywood Week. (Photo: ABC) When we last left American Idol, Hollywood Week’s first round, the Genre Challenge — which Season 20’s special “platinum ticket” recipients, Huntergirl, Jay Copeland, and Kenedi Anderson, had been allowed to skip — had just wrapped. On Sunday, it was time … Read more