Menopause weight loss: 3 foods to ‘avoid’ or risk ‘excess fat being stored’ – meal plan

Menopause can often feel like a hormonal rollercoaster with many women experiencing symptoms such as hair loss, anxiety and brain fog. But following a certain food plan can help nourish the body and optimize well-being during this transition. Registered nutritional therapist and author of The Happy Menopause Jackie Lynch, gave a meal plan example and … Read more

7 Metabolism Booster Supplements To Aid Healthy Body Composition

In simple terms, metabolism is a vital process in which the body converts the food and drinks we consume from our diet into energy to fuel our bodies daily. This energy is essential for driving “basic” bodily functions (like the digestion and absorption of nutrients in our gut, breathing, our heart beating, blood circulating throughout … Read more

Eat More of This Carb – Even Supplements Make a Big Difference

High-fiber food choices include bananas, whole wheat bread, apples, and broccoli. The human gut evolved to thrive on fermentable fibres, not burgers. It might be daunting for customers to choose from the vast selection of dietary fiber supplements in the pharmacy or supermarket aisle. They also offer a variety of health claims without being subject … Read more

How to beat fatigue? Follow these 5 steps Health News

New Delhi: Anyone can experience fatigue at any moment, although it usually manifests itself after strenuous physical activity, a demanding workday, or both. Exercise frequently results in fatigue, which can be reduced by getting enough rest, taking a good nap, or getting a full night’s sleep. Conversely, fatigue is a persistent, uncharacteristic state of tiredness … Read more

Diabetes: The vegetables that can ‘wreak havoc on your blood sugar’ include carrots

Although vegetables tend to have a low GI score, there are some exceptions to this rule. According to, higher GI vegetables include carrots, potatoes, parsnips, beetroots and sweetcorn. The health body explains: “Furthermore, for those who produce their own insulin, high GI foods can force the body to try to produce a surge of … Read more