Burpee Variations: What are burpee pull-ups?

As people around the world continue to work on their fitness in 2022, one exercise that is rising in popularity is the burpee pull-upwhich brings together the movement patterns used when doing a burpee and a pull-up.

There are growing numbers looking towards the burpee pull-up as their ideal way of staying fit, as it allows you to work both your upper and lower body. Specifically, you will notice benefits to your triceps, hamstrings, lats, deltoids, glutes and core muscles with this exercise.

Another big benefit of doing burpee pull-ups is that you can work on your cardiovascular fitness, because it uses an explosive jumping movement and this therefore allows you to burn calories and include a cardio facet into your workout.

Should you find that you are having any issues with your posture, burpee pull-ups could be the way to go. The exercise works a large number of the muscles in your back, which then allows you to keep your upper body aligned.

How to do burpee pull-ups

First, position yourself under a pull-up bar with your feet roughly a shoulder-width apart and a minor bend in your knees.

Next, you should drop to a squat with your hands flat on the ground next to your feet.

From there, jump back to your feet and put yourself into a push-up position before doing a push-up.

Then, jump back into a squad position with your hands on the floor.

You should follow that by standing up and jumping up to grab hold of the pull-up bar before doing a pull-up.

Once you have done that, stand up and repeat.

When it comes to actually doing burpee pull-ups, it is recommended that you do between two and three sets of eight to 15 repetitions. The important thing is to have a good technique throughout, so do not overdo it if you are struggling.


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